Forega Logistics

Forega Logistics is an international transportation and logistics company founded in 2016, whose mission is to provide excellent customer service, quality transportation solutions and reliable logistics.

Our main field of activity is domestic and international road transport, which includes the transport of both less-than-truckloads and full truckloads. We transport normal goods, goods with special temperature regimes and dangerous goods.

We operate mainly in Europe, connecting more than 40 countries through road transport with a complete transport network. As a result, we guarantee our customers regular departures and short delivery times to Western, Central and Eastern Europe.


Our goal is to grow and be the leading logistics company in the Baltic States. And to offer a flexible logistics and transport service that is geared to the customer's needs, complies with legislation, and to ensure the maximum efficiency of the logistics chain.

We strive to increase our customers' satisfaction through the development of services and systems and to ensure comprehensive satisfaction of their logistical needs while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Our vision is to become the largest and most reliable logistics company in Europe.

This means improving daily operations, investing in modern equipment and training professional logisticians who know how to and want to help customers.

We help our partners grow, develop efficient logistics solutions and keep supply chains running in a changing world.


Forega Logistics offers its employees a pleasant working environment, the necessary knowledge and suitable work equipment.

When necessary, we take a leadership role and show initiative.

We support our customers and their businesses with high-quality and reliable logistics solutions. We are convinced that long-term and stable customer relationships are the basis of success.


The Forega Logistics team includes logisticians with many years of experience who are masters in their field. We do our best to always provide the most effective solutions to the challenge and strive to provide customer service that exceeds our clients' expectations.