Domestic road transport

We offer personalised and flexible solutions for domestic road transport. We transport goods throughout Estonia, whether you need help with one pallet or multiple shipments.

Our nationwide network allows us to transport both less-than-truckloads and full truckloads. In addition, we transport small and large parcels, pallets and goods in special sizes. In addition to conventional logistics solutions, we also offer our customers the transport of temperature-sensitive and dangerous goods.

To mitigate the risks, we are also prepared to insure your shipments with transport insurance.

Why choose Forega Logistics?

We operate throughout Europe, connecting more than 40 countries through road transport with a complete transport network.  We provide timely, customer-focused international logistics and transport services to businesses of all sizes, always doing our best to offer the most effective solutions to their challenges.





FTL and

Our main field of activity is international road transport, which includes the freight transport of both less-than-truckloads and full truckloads as well as group shipments. We transport normal goods, goods with special temperature regimes and dangerous goods.

cargoes (ADR)

Forega Logistics also covers most of the services required for dangerous consignments. Our expertise covers goods that can be transported in a curtain trailer (except explosives and radioactive materials).

Temperature -sensitive goods

We transport our customers' food and other goods that require constant temperature control and maintain the temperature required for the products from -18° to +22°C.

Oversized cargo transport

Reliable and efficient special transports that meet high safety, service and quality standards. Whether your special cargo needs special handling or is oversized, we are ready to serve you.


We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding domestic road transport. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.
1What is the difference between small loads and less-than-truckloads?
In the case of small consignments, the goods are usually transported from point A to point B. In the case of less-than-truckloads, small loads are combined into a full truckload so that the transport of the goods is more efficient and cheaper for the customer.
2Do domestic deliveries take place daily?
Forega Logistics transports goods within Estonia on a daily basis. International deliveries are subject to contracts with the customer.
3What is the temperature range in temperature sensitive trucks?
Refrigerated lorries of the Forega Logistics fleet support different temperature regimes: from 18°C to +22°C.
4Is it possible to send goods within Estonia as less-than-truckloads or full truckloads?
Yes. We offer the transport of less-than-truckloads and full truckloads both in Estonia and all over Europe. Forega Logistics does not deal with small parcels.
5What is the minimum quantity for shipping?
The minimum quantity for Forega Logistics is one Euro pallet of goods. We do not ship small packages.


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