International road transport

Forega Logistics offers fast and timely direct transport of goods for various consignments all over Europe.

Our extensive international road transport network ensures a safe and efficient logistics. In cooperation with our logistics partners, we offer regular daily shipments throughout Europe with fixed departure and transit times. 

We belong to a Europe-wide network of terminals and use both our own trailers and those of our partners to organise international road transports.

Why choose  Forega Logistics?

We operate throughout Europe, connecting more than 40 countries through road transport with a complete transport network. We provide timely, customer-focused international logistics and transport services to businesses of all sizes, always doing our best to offer the most effective solutions to their challenges.






Our main field of activity is international road transport, which includes the freight transport of both less-than-truckloads and full truckloads as well as group shipments. We transport normal goods, goods with special temperature regimes and dangerous goods.

Dangerous cargoes (ADR)

Forega Logistics also covers most of the services required for dangerous consignments. Our expertise covers goods that can be transported in a curtain trailer (except explosives and radioactive materials).

Temperature-sensitive goods

We transport our customers' food and other goods that require constant temperature control and maintain the temperature required for the products from -18° to +22°C.

Oversized cargo transport

Reliable and efficient special transports that meet high safety, service and quality standards. Whether your special cargo needs special handling or is oversized, we are ready to serve you.

International road transport

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We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding international road  transport. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.
1What is the transport of less-than-truckloads (LTL)?
Less-than-truckloads are an accumulation of several smaller loads carried at a given time by the same means of transport. The transport of less-than-truckloads consists of assembling small consignments into a large load, with the transport client paying only for the space occupied by its goods. This type of transport is fast, cost-effective and reliable.
2Why order the transport of less-than-truckloads (LTL) from Forega Logistics?
Transporting less-than-truckloads requires knowledge and experience, but above all, systematicity. In this way, we ensure that the freight is transported punctually and safely. We offer all our partners efficient transport of less-than-truckloads by qualified personnel who know all the modern possibilities of logistics and know how to use them. Qualified personnel who know and know how to use all the modern possibilities of logistics.
3What does the transport of less-than-truckloads (LTL) include?
The transport of less-than-truckloads involves some important details that our logisticians have to take into account. For example, loading and unloading operations, handling cargo in warehouses, preparing goods for transport and customs clearance operations.
4How frequent is the transport to Europe?
Forega Logistics offers at least weekly departures throughout Europe. The number and frequency of transports depend on the agreements made with the customer.
5What is the transport of full truckloads (FTL)?
FTL, i.e. full truckload, is a full load transportation service, the essence of which is that the entire trailer or container is filled with only one and the same cargo on the entire route. In addition, full truckload services are characterised by safety and reliability, because when the lorry is parked, the cargo is not brought to the warehouse.
6Which goods are best suited for the transport of full truckloads?
The transport of full truckloads is usually suitable for goods that occur in large quantities, which require special handling and attention, or for valuables that are not to be transported together with other goods. For the transport of perishable, dangerous and oversized goods, we recommend full truckloads.
7To which countries does Forega Logistics offer transport services?
We organise freight transport throughout Europe. Our main destinations are Germany, Benelux, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Send a request to get a quotation.
8What are the benefits of using the transport of full truckloads (FTL)?
In contrast to the transport of less-than-truckloads, the entire loading space of the lorry is available to the consignor. In addition, it is possible to plan the delivery route exactly according to the customer's needs, and transport is "door-to-door", which also shortens the delivery time.

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